In the beginning…

April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Evening.  I’ve always had a vague intention of creating a blog, full of the interesting facts and opinions that fill the void between my ears and occasionally spill out in everyday conversations (as my girlfriend will attest, I talk some amount of crap), but the sad fact is: what I consider interesting is not exactly entertainment material.

So, I had a cup of tea, and thought a bit more.   

As everyone knows, the longer you consider a bad idea, the more plausible it it gets, and so here I am.  I can’t promise the following will be clever, witty or urbane; nor can I promise it will be free of spelling errors or grammatical blasphemies, but it will (hopefully) be vaguely interesting.  If nothing else, it will fulfil a minor dream of mine to have words printed somewhere for someone to read…

I am a gamer, nearly 20 years under my belt.  I started with an old Sinclair ZX81 with a dodgy power cable and never looked back.  Not the most interesting fact of myself, but I thought I should forewarn you: there may be some amateur game reviews at some point on here, depending on what I finish, and whether I can be bothered.  Hey, I’m a busy guy.

Also a bit of a rock-head.  Actually listening to Rock Radio at the moment, and growing to love its rather pleasant way of drifting from classic 70s tunes to modern thrashy stuff and back.  I’m quite diverse in my musical tastes, however, listening to pop/chart stuff in the car (Capital FM, thank you for your abstinence of all things football), golden oldies at work (Real Radio) and the heavier metal stuff at my mates (accompanied by a bottle of Morgan Spice, always a good night).

Anyway, I think this is enough of an intro, it was me just testing out this Live Writer too, without actually having anything to write about… not the best of ideas for a budding blogger, but screw it;  these are my words.  Stick around and you might learn something.

Maybe not.



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§ 2 Responses to In the beginning…

  • OptyMyst says:

    Hi Steve. Welcome. So you are new and I am an oldie-come-back from wherever it is that we oldies go. I was a blogger until 2006, then took a little break of five years or so. I’ll stick around; I could use a bit o’ learnin’. 🙂

  • godlikesteve says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to offer critique if I do/write something stupid, I am a newbie at this public speaking stuff. 😀

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