Minecraft: Wolfie

April 3, 2011 § 4 Comments


Okay, lets get the obligatory Minecraft post over with.  Don’t look at me like that, all the blogging gamers have at least one…

Minecraft is a puzzle to me.  I have lost entire evenings building castles and bridges and large, oddly shaped monuments to some unknown deity in this hugely popular game; however, I can’t for the life of me work out why.  Its not a bad game, its beautiful (for someone who grew up with Super Mario Bros.), and compulsive.  It, for me, simply has no direction.  I can explore, sure.  But to what end?  Oh look, a mountain full of gold! What do you use gold for?  Um… a clock… okay.    

It gets a bit interesting at night, when the zombies/skeletons/creepy-ass hissing things come out, but again, lock yourself in your little cave/house, and… wait till morning.  Woo, that’s quality gaming, right there. >_>

I dip in and out every so often, sometimes to try out a new patch (beds! I don’t have to hide at night anymore!! I can just go to sleep, awaking to the sounds of burning zombies…), or when I get fed up with everything else.  Last night, it was the former.  A new patch introduced achievements, cookies and… pet wolves?  What?

Yeah, wolves.  I came across my first one after half an hour or so, wandering the hillsides and looking rather bored.  Thanks to my Minecraft obsessed kid brothers, I came prepared with a few bones salvaged from the nightly skeleton archer attack, and promptly smacked the poor mutt on the head with one.  Ah, you right click, oops.  Soon, it had a rather fetching red collar/scarf and was bounding about behind me, barking, and basically head-butting me off the aforementioned hillside.  There goes a heart… ouch.  This was not starting well…

The wolves purpose was still unclear to me. Random barking sent me scurrying to see what it had found, only for it to bounce around randomly and bark again….  I eventually decided that it was simply a sound-bite, repeated for character and didn’t actually mean anything, much to my disappointment. I had visions of this being a clever way of helping you find those illusive minerals without excavating half the world in search.  It doesn’t.  It just likes to bark (and bounce into you).

So, the day wore on. I mined a bit, Wolfie bounced.  I made some groovy leather breeches, Wolfie barked.  And the sun sank.

I left it too late, I realise now.  Sprinting across the (now dark) frozen lake between us and my home, Wolfie and I ran.  Arrows plinked at my newly leathered backside and random barks and yelps filled the night.  We finally got to my front door, only to find three (THREE) creepers standing in my garden… ah bollocks.  Now, creepers are no longer the thing I run away from.  A few months of Minecraft have taught me many things, and creepers are easily dispatched by 1. Hitting them, and 2. Running away.  So, I smack the first one… and it starts to hiss.  What the f –? BOOM!  That’s never happened before, they normally don’t blow up unless you let them get really close… something else from the patch?  Anyway, my armour is gone, health down to a couple of hearts and my BLOODY FRONT DOOR IS IN BITS!!! YOU GITS!!!

Arrows resumed their onslaught, and we took cover in what was left of my house.  By we, I mean me; Wolfie continued barking and bouncing at the hole left by the creeper… wow, path-finding is tough, it seems… And here comes a zombie… bugger.  My health is too low, I have nothing to eat… this could be bad.  It is: Wolfie is in the way of my sword.  I can’t hit the zombie without hitting Wolfie… Fortunately, Wolfie seems to catch the drift and starts biting the interloper.  Wolves, it seems, defend you.  Hey, they do have a use after all.

Killing the zombie, Wolfie finally gets in the house and allows me to fix the hole in the wall.  That was a bit close, but I’m growing to like this little guy.  I felt a real pang of worry when my little brother told me he was close to death too; a genius stroke from whoever designed the wolves, their tail is their health-bar: when healthy, its high and proud, as they take damage, it lowers.  My Wolfie’s tail was almost touching the ground.  I decided that, tomorrow, we go on a bacon hunt.  For both of us.

That was fun, most interesting hour on Minecraft I’ve had since… well, ever to be honest.  I feel that the game is definitely shaping up to be something special.



§ 4 Responses to Minecraft: Wolfie

  • carol says:

    Wolfie is cute cant believe u smacked him on the head thats just evil lol.

  • godlikesteve says:

    It wasn’t deliberate, I hit the wrong button. He’s okay though, I gave him some bacon and he forgot all about it. Dogs are like that. 😀

  • Maxim says:

    I wish I were artistic enough to play this game well. I can play it, but all I can build are giants formless castles. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!? I WANT WOLFIE! It was the name of my favorite stuffed animal as a kid!

    • Stev3 says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I enjoy playing it, but then you go to YouTube and see what some people (read: crazy, clever people with more free time than me) are making and end up feeling totally inadequate.

      I find playing the game as a survivalist a bit more fun, forget the huge cathedrals and castles, simply make a home and explore. The wolfies are fairly easy to find about the hillsides, you need bones (dropped by skeleton archers) to befriend them though.

      Good hunting! 😀

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