From Dust – Ubisoft’s idiotic DRM strikes again

August 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

***Update! Via RockPaperShotgun –  It seems that Ubisoft has reconsidered, and is currently in the process of making a patch to remove the online-authentication from From Dust. While my inner cynic feels that this is a case of too little, too late; it is never the less a welcome move by Ubisoft. The patch is due out in two weeks. Maybe by then they will have fixed the crappy mouse control too…

After a less than glowing recommendation, albeit due to genre-confusion and some uncomfortable porting issues, it seems From Dust has been given one more public kicking, this time from its own publisher.

Yes, it seems that Ubisoft has done it again. From Dust – a fully single-player game – now requires an active internet connection to even start.

This not only completely contradicts a statement made before the game’s release on the Ubisoft forums, it also serves as yet another kick in the head for a game that, despite being delayed for no apparent reason on the PC, has become yet another ‘copy & paste’ port. Mouse control is dodgy, the framerate is capped at a hilarious 30 frames-per-second (as it is on the Xbox) and the game has a number of PC-standard options notable only because of their absence.

This has the unfortunate effect of making my review posted last week somewhat obsolete – the stuff I said still stands for the Xbox version, but I can no longer recommend this game on any format. Ubisoft’s bafflingly anti-PC behavior has become, to the average PC gamer, indicative of a developer losing both its marbles, and its core principals. This is an attack on almost every consumer-right we have left – so much so, that even the infamous Valve – who maintain a policy of no refunds on their digital-distribution platform, Steam – have capitulated, and are offering refunds for From Dust, on the basis that Ubisoft have broken regulations (this info coming via Lo Ping).

The debacle with Assasains Creed 2 and  The Settlers 5 has obviously not deterred whatever idiot(s) consider this invasive, illogical and frankly crippling form of DRM justified. And to compound matters, From Dust is STILL at the top of the Steam charts. So consider this a plea, from a gamer who has tasted every type of DRM they have thrown our way over the years – this is unacceptable levels of abuse. And as long as gamers keep paying hard cash for games with these insane copy-protection measures, the more irreversible the damage.

If you are still planning to buy From Dust (or any other of Ubisoft’s DRM-addled titles) despite all this, you are not a member of this community.

And it would be appreciated if you would leave. Go buy a PS3 or something…


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§ One Response to From Dust – Ubisoft’s idiotic DRM strikes again

  • xicMalix says:

    I don’t even see why developers go to Ubisoft to publish their games, there are so many better publishers out there.

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