Dino D-Day – WW2 + Dinosaurs… whats not to like?

August 21, 2011 § 1 Comment


Dinosaurs with Guns. Yikes!

World War 2. One of those many things that fill the little part of my brain that says, “This is really interesting”. I have to admit, World War 2 is pretty interesting – But it gets even MORE interesting when you add dinosaurs to it, and that is exactly what Dino D-Day does.

When I noticed that Dino D-Day had a free weekend on Steam (its only available on Steam), I had to try it out – I mean, its dinosaurs! A game isn’t complete without dinosaurs (its one of the many downsides of Call of Duty)! Alas, I downloaded. I opened. I tried to play. Yes. I tried. Only 5 minutes into the game and I have found my first problem. After trying to connect to several different servers, it kicked me out of every one of them with a strange error message. This isn’t starting off very well. After searching through a plethora of different servers, I finally found one that worked! Hallelujah!

After sitting through the loading screen, and the download of several custom sounds (well, it is a source game.), I managed to squeeze myself into a game; into the Nazi Germany’s dinosaur infested faction. Good stuff. Oh, Velociraptor looks like a nice class to pick! Lets go that one!


He only wants a hug!

The first thing I am confronted with when I spawn is some small clawed hands stretched out in front me. Time to kill some stuff! When you first enter the game, and start to play, the game seems very dull and fiddly – this feeling dissipates once you start to get to grips with the different controls and mechanics of the game. For example, as a Velociraptor you can “Pounce” people (pretty freaking awesome), but it’s quite tricky. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great class to play! I feel that this game is very Team Fortress 2 inspired, because the gun play in the game (when you don’t choose a bloodthirsty creature from 248 million years ago) feels very much like Team Fortress only without the mad array of weaponry. The weapons in Dino D-Day are very standard, and feel weak when fighting the various breeds of dinosaurs in the game. The dinosaurs also feel a little overpowered due to their speed and incredible strength.

Overall, I think you should definitely give it a shot if its El-cheapo on Steam, other than that it’s not really worth it. It’s a good game, but it’s not that great.

The dinosaurs are though.


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