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August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes, it has finally happened. I have spread to yet another corner of the internet, and started spreading my warped sense of humour anew.

Read my lovingly crafted words at the wonderful and comment on their lustrous, well-edited sheen! Of course, I will still be blogging away here too, maybe a tad less frequently (I do have a job outwith this, sadly), but I’ll keep you all informed on my goings on.

I will admit, though, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is keeping my writing to a minimum at the moment. Yes, it’s just that good. Sort of. I’ll be making a personal opinion post once I have finished it, so you can see for yourself.

Now for some linkies to my posts –

The Option of No Choices – I have a dark secret, and here, I explain everything. Don’t judge me!

Jamestown – My first Gaming Daily review! A lovely little gem from a bastard-hard genre that inspires and infuriates all at the same time.

I’ll link more as I do them, assuming the mighty Craig Lager doesn’t shoot me for another piece with no screenshots… Hey, I’m a writer, not a… photo… shooty… guy. Yeah. That.

Steve out.


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