Sunday Shout-out: Bedroom Gamers

January 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yawn. Getting up early on a Sunday feels like I’m pissing someone off. Probably me. Never mind. This picture helps –

No, this has nothing to do with the post. It's just cute.

My younger-but-getting-worryingly-bigger brother has started a small gaming clique with a few of his friends, and I thought I would give them a wee shout-out. They have a website – – although it’s a bit sparse of content at the moment, as they are still setting stuff up.

More interesting, is their YouTube channel , a place of whimsy, catchy music and throwing small children around using fireballs in Skyrim… a statement I honestly never thought I’d write, and it scares me just a bit. They also do the invariable “Let’s Play” style stuff, with a cacophony of conflicting accents (my brother is the Scottish one) and the impulsive madness that comes from youth and/or stupidity. Look at it this way, they say stuff like this (from the “Lets Play Minecraft” video)-

“Oh, look, there’s a village!”

“Cool, let’s kill the townspeople and burn their crops!”

“Steal all the STONE!!!”


Which is utterly hilarious. Well worth a look, even if they have chosen some rather vapid names for themselves. Teenagers, eh? I wish I was still their age… Then my Godl1keStev3 moniker wouldn’t look quite so bloody stupid…

Good luck, laddies!


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