Your Alt + Enter is EVOLVING!

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, it has finally happened! I bought myself some shears and chopped off that silly .wordpress after my sites name!

Only joking. As it turns out, my brother is something of a wizz with this website stuff and has constructed a new play-area for his mad big bro, with a new logo and everything. He even moved all my toys and books over too, leaving me with the simple task of redirecting you lovely people to the new, shiny and clean home of all things gaming (and me, obviously):

Click, bookmark and have a look around. All my old articles are already over there, and I’m currently hard at work writing more spiels of nonsense for you to read while you eat your lunch.

See you on the other side! And thanks for making this blog worthwhile – you are all smashing.

Steve Fulton



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