Recent Work – August

September 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

This is how I feel right now.

It’s a strange thing; the less you actually do, the faster time seems to fly in. I turned 29 last month, and am currently preparing myself for the big three-oh next year. It’s been almost a decade since I turned twenty, and god – it feels like about a month.

Perhaps that’s why I wrote an article over on GamingDaily, an angry one I must admit. It was meant to be a fairly characterized (read: Angry Scottish Bloke) rant about games dumbing down the core concepts of what they are trying to achieve and expecting it to be successful. The whole thing was meant to be vaguely cheeky in tone, although I still believe the point is justified.

Wow, a few people didn’t agree. They didn’t agree VERY LOUDLY.

One extraordinarily nasty bugger even went as far a to claim my language was “wife-beater” stuff. I subsequently showed my girlfriend the article and the comment, and she thought it was hilarious. I freely admit, however, I had a few dark days after reading it. It’s one thing to misinterpret a writer’s theme or concept, but to assume I actually meant to say “all casual gamers are weaklings”… jeeze, I’m as casual as they come. It was a persona, and one I shan’t be using ever again.

See? Hardcore.

On the plus side, it was my first ever piece to be highlighted on RockPaperShotgun. Which essentially means one of my heroes – Mr Jim Rossignol – actually read something I wrote. I honestly thought my face would shatter that day from smiling.  Read the whole thing here.

I also explored a few games (if that’s the correct term) that don’t quite follow the normal path, and ended up a broken man. A trundle down the dark staircase in SCP-087-B left me properly jiggered, and a casual stroll from left to right in Passage left me weeping and melancholy. Then, gathering up all the emotions, I wrote this in an attempt to work out why games that are not games are so good. I think I made some progress, and even managed to liken a game to a painting (successfully? You decide), but I enjoyed the experience.

Brick walls are scary. Honestly.

Of the two games I reviewed last month, I only actually managed one and a half. The one – Endless Space. A gorgeous 4X game that feels like Galactic Civilizations for grown-ups. It also boasts the best 4X combat scenes I have ever witnessed. Read that here.

The half? Well, that was the charming LogiGun. Unfortunately the review spluttered and died after the game decided to die. Repeatedly. At a certain point, it simply crashes, and nothing I tried had any effect whatsoever. I was disappointed, but not with the game – a lovely Portal-esque trip through a darkened lab; with crisp, clean graphics and even some dungarees. Read what I wrote here.

Why won’t you WORK?!

All in all, a busy month. I’m still depressed about my age. And about angry internet men. And wasps… I hate wasps. Bumblebees are okay though.

Meh, nothing a cup of tea can’t fix.


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