Interstellar Drive – A Daydream

August 6, 2014 § 2 Comments


Reading up on Elite Dangerous has made me frisky. I have always had a tender spot for space-games, ever since I played Tie-Fighter way back in the days when they were plentiful (I still actually have the disk somewhere), I have bounced from each popular joystick-jaunt to another during my teens. I even played the original Elite on our schools old Acorn during my lunch breaks, and never quite getting the hang of it to be truthful. The notion of trading was a strange concept to my Command & Conquer addled mind, and I instead spent my efforts on trying to blow stuff up.

I still enjoy space-sims, despite the pickings being very slim over the past few years. The X: Beyond the Frontier games have kept the wolves from the door for the most part, but I have began to notice something missing from the experience.

The ships you fly in almost all modern space-sims are all terribly dull.

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