Late Call – Wreck-It Ralph

June 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

I love Disney movies.

I hate gaming movies (excluding Scott Pilgrim, of course).

So imagine my surprise when browsing Rock Paper Shotgun this evening, to find a short post on an upcoming movie that not only looks like Disney’s most ambitious CGI movie for some time, it… well, just watch this.

Seriously, have you ever wanted to see a movie more in your life? I pretty much gave up on game tie-in movies after Uwe Boll decided the world was ready for… well, whatever crap convinced him to start making movies out of games. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was a pleasant surprise, despite it having a few comic-to-screen issues. It still held a little blocky candle up for all those games we once held so dear, and the soundtrack was actually not bad.

But this little gem could be the turning point. The movie that makes the film-makers of the world sit up and realise that gaming (both in hobby and in style) is an unplumbed source of beauty, inspiration and worth investing in. It’ll be like “The Spirits Within” never happened…

Then again, it might just be a groovy little yarn that makes us old timers smile. Either way, I’m really looking forward to this one. Wreck-It Ralph is due out in November, and I truly hope it’s as good as it looks.



Recent Work: I Hate My Job

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yeah, it’s been another one of those months. Overtime, an angry boss, and a deadly amount of Wotsits have all featured; but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I’m knackered. Thanks for asking.

I’ve been a bit slow on the writing front, mostly due to the above. But also partly due to a little mod called DayZ.

If you haven’t played this monster of a survival horror, go play. Yes, it requires the Combined Operations version of ArmA 2. And yes, if you don’t own this already it will set you back about £25. But DayZ is probably the greatest zombie survival game of all time, formed within ArmA 2‘s monstrously detailed, country-sized war-simulator. It’s hard, brutal, but one of those games that you will play for a long time.

Long story short, it’s worth 25 quid. Still don’t believe? Read my long-winded and stupidly over-dramatized (yet almost totally accurate) account of an evening spent with a few friends here.

This month, I also started writing bits and bobs for a lovely multi-format site called The Recticule. So far, my only contribution has been a small news piece on Diablo 3‘s hacking issues, but I’m neck-deep in a review of Warlock: Master of the Arcane, so look out for that. I may try and nudge a few more news things in too – if I can avoid ranting incoherently, of course.

So that’s that. Back to DayZ…

Thinking about… Eve Online

April 22, 2012 § 12 Comments

*This was written last month, so forgive me for being a little late to the party. :D*

In a Galaxy far far away… no, not THAT one. Eve Online has hit the headlines once again thanks to a frankly stupid player making a stupid comment at the recent Fan Fest. Worse, it has fire-balled into a rather heated debate both in and out of the game. I decided to discuss a little on what it means to me, and why my relationship with Eve Online has been something of a love/hate thing over the years.

I have been an Eve Online player for almost seven years. I find this strange, as my actual playtime is far less than you would think.

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Your Alt + Enter is BROKEN!

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now, don’t laugh.

You may have noticed a lack of posts on my non-Wordpress blog. This is due to an unforeseen issue with the plumbing, and a few other things.

Long story short – I REALLY don’t know how to work FTP. And as such, I am currently up a muddy river without a breeze. Needless to say a certain amount of work (and learning) must be done before I will be able to get things moving.  Sadly, I am rather busy for the next few weeks, so it may not be soon.

I shall soldier on, however, right here until the new digs are up to scratch, and I learn how to work the bloody thing.

Thanks for being so understanding (you can stop laughing now), and I shall get something up shortly.


Your Alt + Enter is EVOLVING!

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, it has finally happened! I bought myself some shears and chopped off that silly .wordpress after my sites name!

Only joking. As it turns out, my brother is something of a wizz with this website stuff and has constructed a new play-area for his mad big bro, with a new logo and everything. He even moved all my toys and books over too, leaving me with the simple task of redirecting you lovely people to the new, shiny and clean home of all things gaming (and me, obviously):

Click, bookmark and have a look around. All my old articles are already over there, and I’m currently hard at work writing more spiels of nonsense for you to read while you eat your lunch.

See you on the other side! And thanks for making this blog worthwhile – you are all smashing.

Steve Fulton


Crusader Kings 2 – An Idiot in Charge

February 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

History is replete with tales of idiots. Not that I can think of any off-hand, as I think I may be remembered as one of them. Crusader Kings 2 has pretty much dissuaded me of any notion that I could be a clever, witty, urbane monarch – with the intellectual prowess to not only secure my country, but to fend off any number of attempts to usurp and destroy my mighty lineage.

Six months in, my bloody brother has already tried to bump me off and my kids absolutely hate me.

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A Dying Breed – The PC Shelf

February 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

I was in GameStation today. Not a particularly unusual thing, in itself, but I was looking for a copy of F1 2010 for the PC and I was somewhat reluctant to spend £20 on a copy from Steam. “It’ll be cheaper than that in the shops” I assured my girlfriend as we drove along. She nodded, although clearly absorbed in trying to decide what she wanted from the McDonalds I had offered as compensation for her company.

I was in for a sad afternoon.

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